Quality Domestic Cleaning Services

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Here is a list of the questions most often asked.  Please feel free to contact us by email if you require an answer to any question not listed here.

Q: Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment or products?

A:  We provide all equipment such as vacuum cleaners, microfiber floor cloths & microfiber cleaning cloths, steam mops and scrubbing brushes/grout brushes. If clients have any particular cleaning product that they would like us to use we will use it as long as it meets with our cleaning requirements.

Q: Where do you get your products from?
A: All of our products are available in most of the larger supermarkets and some are available online.

Q: Do you give a Money Back Guarantee?

A: No.  We have thought about this in great length and we believe so much in the service we provide that, again, it is down to the client's choice.  We are willing to negotiate the cost of our services for ongoing regular clients - but everyone is welcome to try as a "once off" basis... as a "try before your buy".

Q: Do you charge differently for different services ie. Bathrooms, ovens?

A: Our rates are only dependent on what day/time you require your home to be cleaned.  Other than that our clients pay for our "time" on an hourly rate.  It might only take two minutes to clean the inside of a toilet but it could take an hour or more to clean an oven.  Yes, cleaning an oven is generally a "harder slog" but that is why we charge on a time basis.

Q: Who will be cleaning my home?

A: We try to send out at least teams of two people as we believe we work well with a team! Our charge out rates are based on "Man" hours, ie. if two people undertake the cleaning and it takes two hours to clean, the client will be charged for four "man" hours; if one person attends to undertake the cleaning and it takes two hours to clean, the client will be charged for two "man" hours.
Q: Does someone need to be home whilst you clean?

A: No. Many of our regular clients provide us with keys to their home. If you don't feel comfortable providing us with keys, someone will need to be at home, at least to let us in to the property.

Q: What about security of my home?

A:  All team members provide a police check before commencing work with Innex Cleaning.  When clients provide us with their keys to their home they are trusting us to keep their property secure.  We use a color coded system; no addresses are printed on the key tags; and keys are left at our business premises until we go to our client's premises to conduct the cleaning of their home.  Client security is - without question - paramount.