Mould Cleaning, Mould Removal Sydney

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Mould can grow on any surface provided moisture presents. Moisture sources are often a pipe leak or break, roof leak, or condensation but can occur for a range of reasons.

Innex's mould removal service is comprehensive to identify the likely moisture source, determine the type of mould growing, kill and remove spores, and return your home to health.

Inspecting and sourcing the problem:

■ Visual identification of water intrusion issues, and potential contaminated areas that could affect the health of occupants resulting in to poor indoor air quality
■ Dry Down Process: our Bacteria Inhibitor ensures that the mould affected areas are killed at the mould roots thus inhibiting re-growth
■ We do not mask odors, but neutralize them completely leaving the affected areas with a clean, fresh air scent
■ We apply our Anti-Microbial solution to surfaces after cleaning to eliminate mould re-growth – even if moisture presents.
■ The advanced polymers in our protection are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

We believe our process of mould removal and protection is the most effective and efficient method available. Through effective cleaning and removal of mould growth, we can save you time, hassle and money.